A lot has happened since my last post…I have a full-time job now! I accepted a Public Relations Manager position with a state agency and I start tomorrow. Pleased as punch. I am glad that my 16 months of unemployment has come to an end, and that I can truly put that chapter behind me and start a new one. I think everything happens when it is supposed to, and I think the position came when I finished working through the kinks of my layoff and the emotions surrounding something like that.

But with a new position comes a whole new set of emotions. I am happy and grateful, but scared too. I don’t think it is going to be easy being the New Kid On The Block after such a long period out of work. I wonder if I will be rusty. I hope I can live up to all the potential they saw in me to hire me in the first place and that I don’t disappoint them.  I think back on the last two jobs I had, and I can honestly say that I had rocky beginnings with both of them. I am reviewing those situations to see what role I played in that. To be fair to myself, I think both jobs were bad fits and the things that happened were going to happen anyway because I shouldn’t have been there.  But I think there are things people can do to make the transition easier. And of course, this is going to result in a follow-up piece (smile).

I am still going to blog on all things public relations and social media. I think this new position will give me even better ideas for pieces that will interest people and help them learn things and make them think.

But first, I need to figure out what I am going to wear on my first day…