I’m a public relations professional with 12 years of experience under my belt in agency (two), corporate communications (one) and government.

One of the first questions I am asked by other PR professionals is what my specialty or area of expertise is, whether it is healthcare, consumer, technology or something else.

Well, I’ve worked on healthcare accounts, technology accounts (and for a technology company), corporate accounts ranging from information services to consulting firms to carpet fiber manufacturing companies. I have worked with non-profits and the government. I’ve jumped feet first into environmental issues related to water, land and energy resources. I don’t think there is any area I haven’t touched…

But no “specialty,” no area I would define my career by, past or future. I have strong skills in project management, client service, writing and getting placements. I am learning social media and all that it has to offer and its pitfalls as well. I can do what I do on any stage, big or small, no matter the crowd. And I can do it quite well.

I started my career as an intern at a large global agency (which is now part of another large agency) and moved up the corporate ranks to account executive, when I decided I wanted to add corporate experience to my resume and learn how public relations works from the other side of the fence. I was hired by a couple of great women to work on their public relations team, where I learned the business from the client’s side of view. After they left the company, I also left for a short stint as a consultant and then moved back to agency, where I worked for more than three years before I was laid off in December 2008. I obtained a new position with a government agency in April 2010 doing what I love: writing, editing, project management and some things I don’t, like cold-calling the media (gulp).


I’m a northern transplant (or damn Yankee, whichever you prefer) to Atlanta, Georgia, originally from South Bend, Indiana (GO IRISH!), where I was born and raised, until I was lured down south with the promise of mild winters and Sweet Tea.

Soon after starting graduate school with the intent of focusing completely on my career and studies, I met my husband. Four weeks later we were engaged, and I found myself at the end of my first year in school taking a full-time job, rearranging my studies to fit my new focus and responsibilities, moving into an apartment with my fiancé and planning a wedding in Jamaica.


I’ve been married for ten years, and I’m the mother of two beautiful children – my seven-year-old son Richard (Richie) and my three-year-old daughter Naomi. They are sweet, savage, wild, creative, wickedly smart and keep me on my toes.

The adventure continues professionally and personally…