I’ve been reading some great Twitter articles lately that have really helped me. So, because I want you to like me and think what I am offering is useful to you, I pulled my favorites together for you to use as you will – quick, dirty and satisfying.


  • Retweeting occurs most frequently on Friday and in general 3:00 p.m. to midnight. Afternoons, evenings and weekends also yield high retweets.
  • “You” is the most retweetable word.
  • 19 percent of retweets have links.
  • The more frequently you tweet links, or tweet in general the fewer clicks you’ll get: Tweet once an hour for maximum results.
  • Don’t spam. Just don’t do it. Bad juju.
  • Watch your links. Do they work? Do they lead to nowhere? I personally hate that. Are you sure you attached one? I’ve done that. So embarrassing.
  • If someone hits you, hit them back, especially if you are using Twitter to develop meaningful professional relationships.
  • Kill off Hyper-Tweeters swiftly and ruthlessly without an ounce of guilt or a second thought. Don’t be afraid to use that unfollow button!
  • You don’t have to follow someone who follows you. You really don’t.
  • On the flip side, if someone unfollows you, don’t get bent about it. It can’t be personal because they don’t know you personally.
  • Manage your Twitter account. Even if you don’t tweet everyday, just take a quick look at who is following you and what they are posting each day. I found this out the hard way doing a client project. I was so happy tweeting and getting new followers that I didn’t stop to look VERY CLOSELY at who was following me. I did look one day and most of my new followers were legit. One, however, was a nasty porn spammer who had an avatar of Britney Spear’s mouth photo-shopped on something very large…and it wasn’t a microphone. Yikes!
  • This is a special message for those in my industry, particularly my PR peeps seeking to reach out to bloggers and other media: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT DIRECT MESSAGE (DM) SOMEONE YOU HAVE NEVER CONTACTED.
  • And this special message is for my junior and mid-level PR peeps that know not to do this, but will be told to do it by someone in “upper management.” They will even ask you to draft the message and send it to them “for review” before you DM someone on Twitter that you shouldn’t. Gently and tactfully guide them to some links that spell out best practices on using Twitter. Show them why it may backfire and offer alternatives. Don’t show them this post. I will help you out by posting a couple of good sites below.
  • Let folks know you are a real live person by tweeting regularly to maintain a presence. Twitterati recommends 10 to 20 tweets a day. NOT AN HOUR.
  • Just like in Kindergarten, being courteous and thoughtful will get you a long way.
  • Finally, don’t forget to thank your followers!

Happy tweeting!


P.S.:  And because I love ya, a couple of good links: