After a year of standing against the wall, snapping my fingers and bobbing my head to the beat, but not actually hitting the party floor, I’ve decided to dance my way out of my constrictions. I’ve joined the blogosphere.

I am not sure what held me back – or maybe I’m not able to articulate that right now – but once I can, I will definitely let you know. Right now, we can just focus on what is I am trying to accomplish and what I hope you all get out of this.

What do I want this blog to be for those who stumble upon it? My goal is for this blog to be place for public relations professionals like me to learn and discuss issues in the industry, and for professionals who are looking for job opportunities and/or trying to freelance to find support and information.

I will work hard to supply you with relevant articles. On the flip side, I need something from you – because no one really does this altruistically, right? I want you to like what you read enough to keep coming back, whether it is to stop and think more on a particular topic, comment, vent, tell me I am completely off my rocker about something, or have a chuckle.

So with that, welcome! Check out the “About Me” section, and stay tuned!

P.S. – If you want to, you can follow me on Twitter @nlinton. Check out my Web site: or find me on LinkedIn under Creativita Consulting.

All the best,

Flack Chick